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Dwellings Design is a complete design & permit drawing service. Generally, there are three phases to the drawing process, depending on the clients' needs.

Conceptual Phase: A meeting in which the clients express what they have in mind for a new home or renovation/addition. It's best for the clients to have a wish list and/or pictures, sketches & site plans (legal and grading), as well as design guidelines.

Design Phase: From the information the client has expressed, a preliminary design is created. The preliminary design usually consists of the floor plans, front elevations and preliminary site plan drawn in sketch form for the client to view and take home to consider. The plans are flexible at this point and can be changed or tweaked as necessary.

Working Drawings (or permit drawings) Phase: Once the preliminary design is complete (upon satisfaction of the client), working drawings are produced. These are the large drawings that will be stamped at the Planning Department and used for building your home.